IVM and IVF - Prof. Luisa Gioia - a.a. 2016/2017: Tutti i partecipanti


Remedial Course on Cell Physiology/Cell Culture (Corsi di recupero - Fisiologia cellulare/colture cellulari)

Cartella Cartella Programme of the Remedial Course_Italian version

Unit 1: Oocyte maturation. _Laboratory of IVM and IVF: equipment and instrumentation. _Oocyte IVM in domestic animals

Cartella Cartella Solutions and Culture media used in the IVM laboratory

Cartella Cartella Articles on oocyte maturation

Unit 3: IVM and IVF procedures for in vitro embryo production in the ovine model. _Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART): IVF in Humans.

Cartella Cartella articles on Human IVM