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  • Advanced international law - Prof. Alessandra Gianelli - a.a. 2016/2017

    LL.M., European University Institute and Yale Law School
    Ph.D., Rome University "La Sapienza"
    Full Professor in International Law since 2005



    Objectives of the course

    • Knowledge and understanding: Students should be able to understand theoretical and practical issues concerning the identification of customary international law
    • Applying knowledge and understanding: Students should be able to research and identify rules of customary international law
    • Making judgements: Each student is encouraged to propose his/her own view of the rules which are questioned as being/not being into existence
    • Communication: Students are strongly encouraged to ask questions and offer reflections during classes. Oral presentations are requested.
    • Learning skills: The course should allow students to deepen their understanding of International Law, while at the same time acquiring the ability to discuss issues in an adversarial context.

    • Prerequisite: Mid-level English language ability
    • Preparatory: International Law


    International Law Commission Report, 2016, Chapter 5, available at:

    For non-attending students, the program is the same.

    Attending students will be evaluated through papers and oral debates. 

    Non-attending students will take an oral exam   


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