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  • Informazioni generali sul corso

    2012-present: Associate Professor of Accounting and Business Administration, Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Teramo;

    Member of AIDEA (Italian Academy of Business Economics).
    Member of AIDEA-Young (Italian Academy of Business Administration).
    Member of S.I.D.R.E.A.(Italian Society of Accounting and Business Administration Teachers)

    1999-2002: Ph.D. in Theory and praxis of economic and financial communication, University of Napoli “Federico II”.
    2001, AIDEA summer school in Research Methodology, University of Messina,
    2005, EIASM summer school in Technology Management, University of Vaasa (Finland), 2005

    - Corporate social responsibility.
    - Accounting History.
    - Financial accounting and reporting.

    2000-present: Business administration, Accounting, Business strategy, at Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Specialization Courses (University of Teramo, University of Napoli “Federico II”).
    2008: Corporate social responsibility, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of University of Szeged-Hungary (as visiting professor within the ERASMUS Teaching Mobility Program).


    At the end of the course students are expected to:

    Knowledge and understanding

    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the tools of strategic analysis and where they fit into the managerial process of crafting and executing strategy.

    Applying knowledge and understanding

    Make decisions to manage a real company.

    Analyze markets, recognize and relate to profiles and actions of competitors.

    Compute financial ratios and discover useful data and information in order to explore the firm’s performance and its consequences in the “triple bottom line” perspective.

    Making judgments

    Evaluate a company’s external environment, resources, capabilities and competitiveness.

    Identify the best strategic approach available for competing and winning in the marketplace (both national and international), in terms of generic competitive strategies and other strategic actions to be successfully adopted. 

    Evaluate the attractiveness of a diversified company’s business lineup. 

    Evaluate whether a company’s strategy is delivering good financial performance.


    Become proficient in using communication tools in preparing a written report or an oral presentation related to managerial analysis and work. 

    Prepare charts, graphs, and other visuals. 

    Communicate their thoughts in an organized manner. 

    Communicate their analysis and conclusions in a manner suitable for both specialist and non-specialist audience.

    Learning skills 

    Show an understanding of the skills necessary for the successful management of a company in its present and future positioning in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in its actual and potential market sectors.


    • Prerequisite: None
    • Proparatory: None

    The lecture schedule is downlodable.

    Crafting & Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases, 20th Edition

    During the lessons a selection of research articles, readings and business cases will be suggested

    •  Intermediate examination are listed in the lecture schedule

    Grading criteria

    50% n. 5 OIE - on-line intermediate examinations during the class (1 test for each units n.1 to n.5);

    25% TA - team assignment (or individual assignment, in the case of not attending students) at the end of or during the course (TA can consists of case analysis, exercise solving, paper review, cooperative learning aimed at the searching for additional resources (such as video, scientific articles, newspaper articles, and case histories and so on) useful to design single topic lessons in favor of those student that are going to attend to course future editions;

    25% BG participation, class participation, peer evaluation participation, evaluation given during peer evaluations, forum and on-line learning system participation.

    The instructor reserves the right to modify/change course requirements as circumstances dictate. For example, the instructor may wish to change the number and frequency of exams or other assignments if unexpected changes in the class schedule occur. If such a modification is needed, you will be notified by e-mail or through the course Web site.

  • Management and Business Communication: Students meet Companies

  • Unit 1 What is a strategy?

  • Unit 2

  • Unit 4

  • Final debrifing

    In this section you will find:

    • the model to be used for your written analysis
    • some suggestions and guidelines 

    The written reports must be submitted within 29/05/2018 at 23.59 (tentative). The oral presentation is scheduled on 30/05/2018 at 01.30 pm (tentative).

    Regarding the oral presentation please consider that:

    1.  Each team member will have to defend her/his answer 

    2.  Each team member will have to discuss at least one oral presentation held by another team member to help to foment a discussion among the audience (the instructor will communicate the discussant team for each business case).

    3. Each team manager will have to report about the general task assigned to the team

    4. Time: 25 minutes for each team case presentation.