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    Associate Professor (SSD VET / 02), Veterinary Physiology

    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    University of Teramo.


    2004: PhD in "Endocrinology of Domestic Animals", University of Bologna

    2002: First level University Master in "Reproductive Biotechnology", University of Teramo

    1999: Degree in Veterinary Medicine, 110 cum laude, University of Pisa


    The research of Dr. Bernabo is focused on Reproductive Biology of Mammals. In particular it id focused on:

    - The adoption of computational models based on network theory (biological networks) to study the complex biological events, in particular in the acquisition of the fertilizing ability and the sperm-oocyte interaction.

    - Study of the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields on reproductive function;

    - Study of the molecular mechanisms that control mammalian sperm capacitation.


    Altogether were made more than 70 research products including articles in international scientific journals, participation in conferences and book chapters, of which 48 are indexed to Scopus ( ? AuthorID = 55907939900), with an H index = 13.


    • Probability

      Definitions of probability

      Calculation in operative conditions,

      Conditioned probability

    • Descriptive statistic:

      Concept of distribution,

      Different kind of distributions,

      Normality tests

    • Inferential statistic

      Parametrical and non -parametrical tests for two samples or for more samples

    • Concept of correlation and regression

      Linear and non-linear regression, multiple regression.

      Introduction to multivariate techniques

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